Personal loans on car title

Are in trouble with your payments, your income is not very stable and your credit score is bad? One of the most used options to get money fast and not very expensive is to go for personal loans on car title.

We’ve been discussing here a lot on the payday loans, but if  you are looking for low interest rate personal loans, the cash advance might not be the best option. So there is for you the option of applying for title truck loans – personal loans on car title. This product is ideal for people looking to borrow more cash than they can get through a typical PayDay Loan. The amount provided through this type of loan is between $ 2000 and $ 50,000. You get the fast cash you need right now and you keep the keys. While you give us your truck title as collateral, you keep your vehicle to drive and use as normal.

As mentioned at the beginning, this product is ideal for those seeking to get more cash than can provide them through a quick PayDay Loan, and if possible, at a very low interest rate for such personal loans.

There are several online lenders who provide loans on car title in the United States. Currently they lend money in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Illinois and Utah. They have over 700 locations for signatures of documents.

Normally, the lenders are not interested if the applicants have bad credit or low credit score, while the approved loan amount takes into account for qualifying applicants the value of the vehicle – bit no more than $ 50,000.

Personal loans on car title – options

Personal loans on car titleGranting loans are fully amortized and range from 12-36 months.

Below are described the minimum amounts of cash to pay for California, Arizona, New Mexico and Illinois:

California the minimum loan is $ 2.510.

Arizona and New Mexico the minimum is $ 750.

Illinois from $ 1,500.

 Personal loans on car title requirements

  1. Make the online application.
  2. Be age 18 or +.
  3. Having a car that costs at least $ 2,000.
  4. The car must be paid or should have a balance of $ 2000 or less.
  5. You must provide valid contact information online.

Personal loans on car title – how does it work?

First, take a look on how you can use your car as a collateral for a personal loan – the theory is good.

3 easy steps to get your money fast

  • Complete the online form.
  • Rate your car.
  • Get the money fast.

Very important Note: You must provide valid contact information online. The system gives immediate response. If approved, a representative will contact you from the office located in area and complete the transaction.


  • Borrow up to $ 50,000.
  • Gets the money today. Keep your car.
  • There are no penalties for prepayment.


  • Up to 3 years.
  • No balloon payments.

How a personal loan on car title ends?

With a personal loan on car title or with a truck title loan, you will make monthly payments according to the payment schedule you agrred upon in the loan contract terms. You will typically pay back the loan over the course of one to three years. When you finish paying back the entire loan, the lender will note on the title that the lien has been removed, and you will get back the title to your car. You’re then free to do with it what you please without having to worry about the lender any longer.

One last note: don’t try to do funny business, like going with copies of your car title to more than one lender. Electronic lien and title, also known as ELT, is a program offered by various US States allowing for the electronic exchange of lien and title information with lienholders in lieu of a paper certificate of title. Meaning: you’ll get caught.

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