Loans with no credit check monthly payments 3-72 months

Bad credit, need money, scared of payday loans? You should be, but what else is out there? There is something: fast loans with no credit check monthly payments.

Bad credit means no banking loans, no banking cards. If you’re not a member of a credit union you’ll have no access to easy loans either. Getting a loan with bad credit means in almost every case a small dollar quick loan. Let’s sum up. You have bad credit. You are no credit union member. You have no access to bank loans. You have no access to credit cards. You have no access to union loans. You don’t want online instant approval loans or other payday-like loans. This it what basically “loans with no credit check monthly payments” means. By the way, monthly payment loans are many times called installment loans – it means the same thing.

A loan with monthly payments could mean in a sort of way, also a quick loan taken on your payday – so the your next pay day is in exactly a month, but this is a long stretch. By monthly payment we will take the meaning of medium term loans, starting from at least 6 months and going up to 5 years. What kind of non-banking financial institutions or private direct lenders would offer such products, and in what terms?

Spot the real loans with no credit check monthly payments

Time for our usual note: don’t take the ads you see as promise land. Read carefully all the details and make your own conclusions. If a loan looks like a payday loan, it doesn’t matter the name it has. But this one is easy. Let’s think on another case. You see an add for an installment loan, bad credit accepted and all that. Great, you’ve got to the root of all the lovely loans with no credit check monthly payments. But what if the loan is in fact granted for just 60 days, with two equal payments? Is that a monthly payment no credit check loan, or just a two paydays loan? Easy answer, isn’t it?

We’ve took to test the most “famous” three bad credit installment loans. By famous we mean with loads of advertising everywhere on the subject of bad credit monthly loans. Surprise, we stop to the first one, and on the Loan Term column we see “varies”. ow comes? It varies also to the other two, but in a very clear manner: “from 3 to 72 months” and “from 3 to 60 months”. So the lender with the most ads in monthly payment loans for bad credit is in fact a question mark.

We are here to go to the bottom of things and try to help you when answering questions is not easy. So we go to the website. Is a lot easier to fill in your data and wait for “the best offer for you” than to find out the specs of their loans. In fact we find nothing on the matter of loan term. But we read, and we read, and we get to a short and nice sentence: “<<some-lender>> is NOT a lender. Instead, <<some-lender>> is a place where people in need of cash fast can find a short term lender, quickly”.

Really? So they are not payday loan lenders, just because they are not lenders at all. This not a problem, they are an interface between people and money sources, which is good. But when you advertise a lot on the loans with no credit check monthly payments, and in fact the offers are for finding for you “a short term lender, quickly”, I see a problem.

Fair and true no credit check installment loans

Using the same source we pointed a few lines above, we present here the other two contestants:

Installment loans for bad all credit types from

Loans with no credit check monthly payments

Easy loan, with decision made in minutes, money transferred in less than 24 hours straight to your bank account. You can use the loan for any purpose without having to show it in any way.

The loan can go from $500 up to $10’000, given for 3 to 72 months. The interest rate can be anywhere between 5.99% and 35.99%, depending on you status, loan term and amount. As an example, you can contract one of the few truly fast loans with no credit check monthly payments from, in the amount of $1’500, with 24 monthly installments – 2 years. After analyzing your personal info –  mainly your debt to income ratio, you are given a very good APR of 7.9%. In this contract, your monthly loan rate will be of $67.67, with a total paid amount at the end – $1’626.54.

There are of course some basic requirements, nothing special. 18 years old, US citizen or permanent resident, have a job and a checking bank account in your own name. Be able to provide a home and a work phone number. And the only specific request: to have a monthly income of at least $1’000 after tax.

Connect to hundreds of lenders through

Not a direct lender, not a lender at all, is a well established platform which provides people with a free service: getting them in touch with an interested lender. Since they work with so many lenders, you can receive basically any kind of offer. Usually, people get there loans from 3 to 36 months, in amount of $500 – $5’000, and very basic requirements. In some cases – few lenders, the loan can go up to 60 months – 5 years, and the amount can be higher that $5’000.

Let’s see in few words how this way of getting loans with no credit check monthly payments works.

  1. Fill in a short application form on the website. This step keeps the personal info at a minimum, and gives you no obligation to sign a contract. Is also a free of charge process. You say here how much money you make after tax, how much money you want to borrow, and things like that.
  2. Wait for the lenders in the network to review your data. One or more of the lenders may choose you for going to the next step. At this stage you will start to receive loan offers. Take your time and analyze all of them with lots of care. Go not hurry, and do not worry: you don’t have to sign anything now.
  3. In case you chosen an offer, you simply accept now the terms with a simple online e-signature. This is your contract, so be sure you read all the details, all the fine print, all the annexes, everything.
  4. Last step, you signed the contract on an offer the lender agreed upon, so the only thing you have to do now is to wait a very short time, until the next business day, when the money will be available in your checking account by direct deposit.

Are there alternatives to installment loans for bad credit?

We start from the beginning. Bad credit. No payday loans wanted. No credit unions member. No friends of family to ask for help. No chance to get money from banks. No way to get any new credit card offers. Ok, but still you look for alternatives? What alternative to bad credit loans you might have, when you have bad credit? Just one: make good credit. How long it takes to do that? A lot of time. How long it will take if you don;t start now? A lot of time plus how long it takes for you to start. Start now and you will get there sooner.

Last, but not least: we’ve said a lot here about credit unions. Now is a good time to say they can be a good place for you to get very good loans in time of need. But for this, you have to be a member and place money in there. Your money, good money when the time will come to use them also.


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