Category: Fighting Scam

Loan crooks modus operandi is usually well-tuned and very lucrative. They use usurped identity cards, open bank accounts and subscribe to consumer credits, or they buy high-tech products on your money.

The scammers are everywhere where the despair is. People with no money, looking for credit are vulnerable.

Do not fall into the scheme of credit scam, where unscrupulous people offer to lend money to individuals, for the payment of significant fees. Of course, we never see the so-called individuals who lend money, and we lost the money of the fees.

There is no real 100% effective protection against scammers. But sure, with proper information and due caution, you can get very close to that. What can you do? Already said it: be informed, stay informed. Be cautious, stay cautious.

How can you spot a scamming attempt? What are the signs, warning signs and alerts? We have made this section separated from all the others in our websites, so you can take your time and read them all, one by one.