Best personal loans – 2019 articles and news

This is a new age in personal loans. Going to a bank or credit union is still the preferred choice in getting the best personal loans, but the trends are towards online and mobile apps.

Personal loans – available options and new trends

Since the very beginnings of the American nation, going to the bank for a loan was one of the three choices when you wanted to borrow money. The other two are also still available, asking friends or family, and loan sharks. Of course, we talk here about your own needs, not your business, which has a lot more ways to raise money. Stop here, Which were the best personal loans back then? Depends on your friends or family, of course.

There is not much to see about the loan sharks, better read “Ugly truth behind same day or quick loans” article. Still, is very particular situations, quick loans can be the best personal loans available for you – mainly because the other two are not available for various reasons.

Articles and News on Best Personal LoansWe stay on this topic: non-banking loans. We leave out some of the well known, serious and with no problems loan types, such us credit unions. What’s left within the loan sources? The others. Direct lenders, quick cash, small-dollar, payday etc etc. Is it risky to get a loan from some other place than a bank? Some of the states has already banned short-term loans. Other states capped the max interest rate. Where you can get the best information and details? Here:

Alternatives to bad loans Facebook Page

U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) official website

Official U.S. protection against not so best personal loansWhen you apply for a payday loan and when you pay it back, know the facts and know your rights. Get answers to your questions here on CFPB website. For any question that has no answer in there, or if you want a personal advise, go to the Facebook page we linked here. From the Facebook page you can also join a specialized Group named “Personal Loans (USA)”.

But where is in fact the really best place to get news and read good articles about our beloved best personal loans? Right here, on this website. Go step by step with the following sections of this text, and you will see what this website contains, its sections and some of the best works it has.

Best personal loans articles

Personal loans

Perfect choices for any type of consumer credit you might need – best lenders, lowest rates, minimum or no credit check required.

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Online Loans

How to get the money you need in no time, without even making a trip to your lender?

Online loans for bad credit, payday loans online same day, no credit check loans online instant approval, online payday loans no credit check, cash advance loans online, instant cash loans online and online payday loans direct lenders.

Cash Loans

Quick access to fast loans – small amounts of money borrowed for very short periods of time and no credit check.

Unsecured bad credit loans, cash loans direct lenders, cash loans no credit check, personal loan comparison, easy loans for bad credit, unsecured personal loans bad credit and low interest rate personal loans.

Latest news on personal loans


Stay up-to-date with all changes in laws, rules and regulations regarding your options for getting the best personal loans and managing your finance system, loans and credit.

State by State

Personal credit, fast loans, credit check and online application rules in every state – stay informed only on what counts for you.

Best Personal Loans to this date – actual top

Good credit score

  • Laurel Road
  • LightStream
  • Marcus
  • SoFi

No credit check loans

  • Avant
  • OneMain Financial
  • Upgrade
  • Upstart

Consolidation of debt and loan refinancing

  • Discover
  • Laurel Road
  • Marcus
  • Payoff

House-works, home improvement & household investments

  • Earnest
  • LightStream
  • Marcus
  • SoFi

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