Affordable fast cash loans

Affordable fast cash loans with LendUp – true facts about how to get them, how to apply, how to comply, what documents you need and how to avoid high costs.

LendUp, a direct lender of money, has created a product which grants small affordable fast cash loans as an opportunity for consumers to build credit score and move up the economic ladder (only those living in USA). This lender focuses particularly on giving loans to people with bad credit or those who cannot apply for and receive small sums of money in the short term. Most of the time, this products is called unsecured personal loans bad credit.

At the beginning, starting with paying only $250, as borrowers are proving to be compliant and responsible, they are going up credit, which can reach $1,000 per loan – again, as unsecured personal loans even with bad credit or with no credit score at all.

Affordable fast cash loansLendUp is a better alternative because its loans have no hidden fees, no rollover, have lower interest rates, terms and conditions are clearly established and equipped and great customer service.

LendUp is leveraging technology to redefine the experience of online personal loans.

What distinguishes LendUp from the other is that its products are intended to help many of the people who cannot get a loan from a bank, to become creditworthy through education and practice. Its main purpose is to solve the problem at its cause, which is bad financial education.

They also give you the opportunity to build your credit after having maintained a positive relationship with them indebtedness.

The LendUp affordable fast cash loans are offered exclusively through Internet – web or mobile app. Their services are comfortable, fast and easy to use.

They even offer free credit education courses and the opportunity for customers to earn points and climb the ladder LendUp.

Affordable fast cash loans – How to?

The first thing you should do is register on the website. Then, you can fill in the application from the comfort of your home using your smartphone or computer. This process to apply for such affordable fast cash loans takes only a few minutes.


  • An active e-mail and phone number (cell or home).
  • An active bank account
  • Age of majority
  • Residence in the United States
  • Be working – with at least two current check stubs.


  • Proof of Identity: Passport / Driving License / Voters ID / PAN Card (any one)
  • Proof of Residence: Leave and License Agreement / Utility Bill (not more than 3 months old) / Passport (any one).
  • Latest Bank Statement (where salary/income is credited).

After receiving approval on your request for affordable fast cash loans, you can monitor all the details of your loan online from your virtual personal desktop. From there you can see the maturity, request a free extension and even take courses online – free credit education.

About LendUp loans

Now, a few words about LendUp products in general. We said it already, they offer unsecured personal loans, bad credit, no credit score or otherwise. But are these loans payday loans? Taking a good look, the answer is yes and no. Considering the normal duration of the loan, yes. Looking at the terms and special clauses, is more like a no.

LendUp offer is in fact an alternative to classic payday loans, being at the same time an alternative to going to a bank. What is the most important novelty of LendUp products? The LendUp Ladder – a system of points in which, the better you behave in your business relation with LendUp, the more points you get, and the more points you get, the better offers you will receive.

Last, but not least: LendUp problems

Less than two years ago, LendUp faced a series of problems, being forced to pay a total $6.3 million in fines, refunds, and settlements after it was found guilty of violating a number of laws between 2012 and 2014.

The main issues faced were:

  • Charging illegal fees and over inflating interest rates.
  • Advertising loans in states where they were not available.
  • Falsely telling customers that borrowing from LendUp would improve their credit scores.

LendUp admitted they were wrong, they payed all the fines, refunds and settlements, and in a very short period of time they adjusted all their products, services and marketing tactics in perfect compliance with the law and regulations.

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